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Drafting Your Online Will

Online Will You can draft a will at anytime.The sooner the better, as dying without a will leaves serious problems for the survivng relatives and family members.

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A testator (the person writing his/her will) will state how his/her property, possessions (jewellery and valuables), money and other assets will be distributed when he/she passes away. It will also give you peace of mind that your estate will be taken care of. If you require a will that is simple and straight forward, our online service will be exactly what you need. It is easy to complete and you will be able to print it out and sign your will there and then. For filing purposes, contact us. We will file a copy of the will and have it also lodged. If you have a complicated situation and that you might need assistance (for instance, because there are children from a previous marriage, complex business arrangements and specific wishes), contact us.
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It's important to note that a high percentage of estates turn out to be insolvent, with debts exceeding assets, and despite having a will, your dependents may be left with nothing. Even worse, dependents can be left with outstanding debts to repay.
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