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A fair disciplinary hearing affords an employee an opportunity to prove his innocence. If the hearing is not fair, the employee can refer an unfair dismissal dispute to the CCMA or appropriate Bargaining Council for conciliation and thereafter arbitration if required.

What are your labour rights?

The purpose of the opening statement is to: describe your case very briefly; tell the adjudicator what remedy, decision, or outcome you are seeking; outline the main points of your case; and. tell the adjudicator what evidence you will be submitting. (You do not actually submit your evidence at this point.)

Top 5 tips to defend disciplinary action against you What are the allegations? You must find out exactly what the allegations against you are prior to the disciplinary meeting. ... Obtain a copy of your employer's disciplinary procedure. ... Always attend the disciplinary meeting. ... Take a disciplinary statement. ... Appeal.. Disciplinary procedures are a set way for an employer to deal with disciplinary issues. They should include a disciplinary hearing where you're given a chance to explain your side of the story. There should also be a chance to appeal any disciplinary action your employer decides to take.

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