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Commercial Law.

GMA attorneys conduct business dispute resolution and draw up business agreements including litigation.

Labour Matters

GMA attorneys have a very successful track record in representing clients at disciplinary hearings.

Bail $ Defence

GMA attorneys have an experienced defence team which can also represent you at bail applications.

Contracts Agreements

GMA attorneys draw up marraige contracts and purchase and sale contracts.

Court Litigation

Experienced GMA attorneys will represent you in the Magistrate's Court or High Court.

Wills $ Estates

GMA Attorneys will wind estates, draw up wills and testaments.

Property Law

Ownership proof can be found in a deed of transfer (“deed”). This deed must be registered at the deeds office for it to be valid. An attorney registers this deed of transfer.

Disciplinary Hearings

Never, ever take a disciplinary hearing lightly. There is a specific procedure that is followed in disciplinary hearings. No matter how strong you believe your case is, you must consider legal opinion.

Business Agreements

Never start a business without a legal agreement. It is the foundation on which you will prosper. Failure to develop  a good well written business agreement can lead to major disputes.

Business Licence

An experienced attorney will efficiently prepare, process and deliver your documents to the respective authorities. He will advise you of the requirements for your business licence application..

Marriage Divorce

Marriage contracts are desirable, especially if partners are business orientated. GMA attorneys attend to disputes, family law matters including divorce / marriage dissolution.

Dispute Resolution

Before one considers legal action, an opinion must be sought about the strength of the case. Logan Govender and his team of senior attorneys will assist you with a professional opinion.

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